DDIT v. Nipro Asia Pte Ltd. |Profits attributed to permanent establishment| transfer pricing study rejected

28 February 2017

The Delhi Bench of the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal held that the Assessing Officer correctly sought to apply Rule 10 of the Income-tax Rules, 1962 for purposes of determining the profits attributable to a branch in respect of the marketing activities related to direct sales made by the head office, absent a “correct” transfer pricing study report. The tribunal found 30% of the profits were attributable to the branch for its marketing activities in India.

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Denso India Limited vs. CIT (Delhi High Court)

Even if TNMM is found acceptable as regards all other transactions, it is open to the TPO to segregate a portion and subject it to an entirely different method i.e. CUP if the assessee does not provide satisfactory replies to his queries (Mar 3, 2016)

The High Court had to consider the question “Whether the Transactional Net Margin Method adopted by the assessee is the most appropriate method envisaged under Section 92C(2) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 read with Rule 10C of the Income Tax Rules, 1962 and whether the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal had erred in directing the Assessing Officer to apply Comparable Uncontrolled Price Method?” HELD by the High Court:

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